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1963 Chevrolet Corvette L75 327ci 4 SPD RESTORATION

1963 Chevrolet Corvette L75 327ci 4 SPD RESTORATION

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1963 Chevrolet Corvette L75 327ci 4 SPD RESTORATION

Opening bid of $5,000

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Keith Cornett's View

It is nice to see and body off restoration done right, the attention to detail makes this 63 show the glory of the first year C2... Keith Cornett is the Senior Editor of CorvetteBlogger, owner of Vettefinders, and author of Corvette Special Editions. Keith has been instrumental in providing Corvette news, history and information since the 90’s to a vast audience.




Please read my detailed description in its entirety. Most if not all questions regarding my Corvette are noted here. Knowledgeable enthusiasts are welcome to inspect.


My Corvette is a full BODY OFF CHASSIS NUT & BOLT RESTORATION with a sandblasted & powder coated chassis.

Powered by the RPO L75 327 300 HP original engine, Original Borg Warner T-10 4 speed; Original Power brakes (15% of production); Original Power windows (17% of production); Original 3.08 Positraction rear (1% of production); Original AM/FM radio included (aftermarket OEM style blue tooth AM/FM installed); Telescopic steering column; Also, exclusive to the ’63 is an adjustment for seat pitch which provides optimum seating position in addition to the standard fore and aft adjustments; Correct Silver Blue body paint; Correct white convertible top; Correct dark blue interior; This is an early St. Louis build consisting of deep wells below the seats and an aluminum Borg Warner T10 controlling the shifts.



All engine, transmission, differential, suspension, steering, braking, electrical components, wiring harness, either rebuilt or replaced; The Flint engine assembly plant block deck broach marks are intact, it’s stamping pad with the correct date/engine code and VIN stamp; The engine block deck has never been re-milled. It has been measured to be square and true to the crankshaft; The odometer read to an original 79,000 miles prior to restoration, reset to 00001 upon completion; The entire engine assembly has been treated with a 2-stage epoxy process. It will not fade, chip or allow rust to form. The Chevy orange will appear as new for decades; Gear shifting is accomplished with a rebuilt 1960’s HURST Competition Plus shifter specific to the C2 Corvette w/Borg Warner which is extremely rare; Ignition is handled by a computerized multiple spark discharge controller providing instantaneous throttle response by way of multiple sparking at each point of the compression cycle all throughout the lower rpm band (0-2500 rpm); Also, points have been replaced with a magnetic trigger. Not stock but a noticeable improvement in drivability and performance; The chassis is original & specific to the 1963 build year with absolutely no rust, cuts or after factory welds; The birdcage frame is rust free with the factory zinc chromate finish intact ; Original body panels with all bonding strips in place; Original steel headlight buckets (’63 only, others fiberglass); The hood was structurally modified by A.O. Smith. Specific to original power brake Corvettes, it is visually different from manual brake Corvettes; A dual 1967 Corvette master cylinder replaces the single suicide master cylinder installed in ’63.



The soft interior has been replaced with all new vinyl, door cards, foam & carpet; Sound deadening material has been applied to the entire interior including inside the doors; The hard interior was completely disassembled. Seat frames rebuilt, gauges rebuilt, gauge lenses replaced, single dash speaker replaced with dual Harmon Kardon speakers, clock disassembled cleaned and lubricated, all gauge lamps replaced with dimmable LED’s, wiring harness new, etc; The interior appears and functions as in new condition. The “old car” smell has been eliminated; The engine has been completely rebuilt, blueprinted and balanced utilizing professional machining and racing quality components; Cylinders are bored out .020 over the stock 4.0″. Cylinder heads have been ported & polished for maximum flow, stainless valves, double roller timing chain, roller tipped rocker arms and a modern solid lifter camshaft rated at .495 lift at 282 degrees duration, optimum horsepower range 2000-6000 rpm along w/matching valve springs & titanium retainers; Heat riser blocked off to carburetor. Will rev to 6500 rpm without losing breath; MSD rev limited to 5500 rpm (potentiometer adjustable); The original aluminum Borg Warner T10 and Positraction differential have been rebuilt to factory specs; GM SPEC FLUIDS USED: Differential – GL4 spec gear oil and GM positraction additive, Engine – High zinc motor oil, Transmission – GL4 spec gear oil’, Cooling system – (IAT) Green spec GM 1825M anti- freeze at 50/50 ratio, Equipped with an original 5 qt. trap door oil pan which ensures adequate oil supply to the oil pump pickup while under hard acceleration.



ARP bolts & nuts are used to secure the cylinder heads, connecting rods, main journal caps, intake & exhaust manifolds. A magnafluxed forged steel crankshaft rotates under a 11:1 compression ratio utilizing forged aluminum pistons. Engine output has been engineered to produce approx. 365 gross horsepower @ 6200 rpm. The 2.5″ aluminized exhaust system with low back flow aluminized mufflers provide for excellent exhaust scavenging. Stainless steel brake lines, Delco brake components, front & rear suspension, steering linkage, steering box have all been completely rebuilt/replaced with Made in USA Moog components. OEM UNIROYAL 205/75R15 whitewall tires provide for excellent handling and the original look. The clutch pedal is set for short throw and the steering is set for 3.8 turns lock to lock for responsive handling. Dimmable LED BULBS installed for ALL THE GAUGES, SPEEDOMETER, CLOCK & INTERIOR LIGHTING F&R. STANDARD BULBS for the HEADLIGHTS, TAILLIGHTS, DIRECTIONALS & RUNNING LIGHTS. In addition, most minor [alternator, expansion tank, steel (not plastic) fan shroud, dash gauges, side window glass, thermostat housing, all brackets etc.] components are original. Every original component that was capable of being restored has been rebuilt or replaced with the correct OEM component such as the transverse leaf spring, shocks, front coil springs, ball joints, idler arm, bearings, sway bar bushings, body bushings, strut rods, tie rod ends, spring bushings, steering box etc., the typical maintenance replacements.

A great opportunity to own a fully restored 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible that will turn heads where ever you decide to go…




LOUIS AS BUILT (RPO) OPTIONS: A31 Power Windows, C07 Auxiliary Hardtop, G81 Positraction Rear Axle, G91 Special Highway Axle, 3.08:1 ratio, J50 Power Brakes, L75 327ci-300hp engine, M20 4-speed Wide Ratio, U69 AM/FM Radio, 912 Silver Blue, 490K Dark Blue,vinyl – AM/FM, TC3 White top

OFFICIAL PRODUCTION DATE as per GM (3/20/63) NCRS database. ENGINE BLOCK STAMP – F0306RD, F=Flint Assembly plant, 03=March, 06=day, RD=327 300HP w/4speed, (3/06/63), ENGINE BLOCK CASTING – 3782870, 327ci 4.0″ bore, ENGINE BLOCK CASTING DATE – B253, B=February, 25=day, 3=year, (02/25/63), TRANSMISSION STAMP – WC1131, W=Warner 4speed, C=March, 11=day, 3=year, 1=1st shift

In addition, the VIN# is stamped on the casing., (3/11/63), TRANSMISSION ALUMINUM CASE CASTING DATE-(12/18/62), DIFFERENTIAL CASE STAMP – CJ31263, CJ=3.08 Positraction w/4speed, 3=March, 12=day, 63=year, (3/12/63)

CHASSIS STAMP – S111130 (VIN #), This stamp is located at the top left rear of the chassis approx. near the 11 o’clock position at the left rear wheelwell., TRIM TAG INFO: TRIM TAG DATE – G4 (4th week, March 17-23, 1963), STYLE 63 867, (1963 Convertible), TRIM – 490K, (Dark Blue Vinyl w/AM FM), BODY – 5054, (Sequential convertible body number), PAINT – 912A, (Silver Blue w/white top), VIN Tag – 30867S111130, (3/20/63)



ALUMINUM BELLHOUSING CASTING – 3788421 (1963 Corvette), INTAKE MANIFOLD CASTING- 3799349 (1963 high rise, high performance), INTAKE MANIFOLD CASTING DATE – B213, B=February, 21=day, 3=year, (02/21/63), EXHAUST MANIFOLD-LH 2.526″, #3797901 (1963-300 HP and above w/manual transmission), EXHAUST MANIFOLD-RH 2.526″, #3797902 (1963-300 HP and above w/manual transmission), POWER BRAKE BOOSTER STAMP – 2574 (1963 Corvette), CARBURETOR STAMP – 3721S (Corvette 300 HP 327 4speed), ALTERNATOR STAMP – 1100628 -37A (1963 Chevrolet, 37 amp), ALTERNATOR DATE STAMP – 3A16, 3=year, A=January, 16=day, (01/16/63)


The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, accurate and not misleading. 427Stingray.com requests a range of details about the lot from the seller. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms of Use for full details.

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