FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 -1972 #'s Matching-350-Auto-ORIGINAL -

FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 -1972 #’s Matching-350-Auto-ORIGINAL

FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 -1972 #’s Matching-350-Auto-ORIGINAL

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FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 -1972 #’s Matching-350-Auto-ORIGINAL

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Micheal Svoboda's View

Time capsule alert - this 1972 is a rare find! ORIGINAL #'s matching car that has all the cool factors going for it. I love the War Bonnet Yellow exterior and the Saddle leather interior that pulls everything together. This will make for a great ride with PS, PB, Air Conditioning, T-tops and style... Micheal Svoboda is the COO of Driveway Deals and has a love for corvettes since middle school when he seen a 63 Split Window going through restoration. He is the architect behind 427Stingray and ACCauctions technology platform.

SELLER IS OFFERING FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN LOWER 48 STATES on this original 1972 Chevrolet Corvette, a silver award winner at Bloomington Gold Corvettes possesses the beauty and the muscle, it is a numbers matching original car with a 350ci V8 under the hood.

A Turbo-Hydra automatic transmission and desirable options like factory A/C, this clean, stock Corvette is practically begging for to be driven.



Code 989 War Bonnet Yellow is a beautiful shade not often seen on chrome bumper Corvettes – not too brash, yet not too meek – a period-perfect color that looks great on the timeless Stingray shape, there were 2550 produced in 1972 in WBY.

You will be hard pressed to find a 72 with original paint, this is a rare find. Just a quick look at the market reveals how few are available for sale in this livery, which is a shame because with the ever-changing fashion of the world it looks pretty up to date with today’s sophisticated color palettes.

And when it comes to C3s, you’re either a chrome bumper guy or a rubber bumper guy; this one sports the original style chrome units that frame the egg crate grilles up front and add interest to the flat rear panel with CORVETTE block letters above. The stainless trim is in great shape. This is one sharp looking ‘Vette!



Believe it or not, that code 421 Saddle leather interior is a beautiful combination with the WBY, and you have to admit that it works extremely well. It’s also likely to be one of only a handful of cars you’ll see out on the road in this color combination, making it a standout at shows and Corvette events.

As a complete and original car, there have been very few changes made in the last 50 years, mainly components like exhaust and a few in the engine bay which have been outlined in the Bloomington Gold score card that is included with the car. All the original gauges remain in great shape, as does the 3-spoke steering wheel, further proof that someone cherished this car from the day that it was ordered.

The options list isn’t very long but you do get the best one of all – factory A/C – and it’s fully functional, just like the original AM/FM stereo that’s remarkably still in the dash. Color-matched removable T-Tops instantly transform this Stingray into an open-air cruiser, and although no Corvette ever made has plentiful storage space, also ordered was power brakes, power steering, and tilt wheel.



The engine is the original with a casting number 3970010,  350/200HP V8, which was the base engine in 1972, casting date D112, April 11, 1972. Nevertheless, it makes an impressive amount of torque and moves the Corvette with enough potency that most cars are still advised to leave it alone.

It’s not overly detailed underneath, but it’s in excellent driving condition with evidence of clean living everywhere you look. Original wheels look awesome as always and ride on a set of 235/60/15 front and 245/60/15 rear Goodyear Eagle GT+4 white-letter radials.



ORIGINAL, Clean, honest Corvettes are hard to find, especially if you’re the kind of guy who likes to just jump in and go.

Thanks to the rumbling small block under the hood, it’s a party to drive, and there aren’t many cars that will generate more attention than this one on a warm summer day.

For the person that wants ORIGINAL, this is the car, 50 year old paint and all… Bid today!


The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, accurate and not misleading. requests a range of details about the lot from the seller. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms of Use for full details.

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March 23, 2023 3:57 pm $15,555.00
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  1. mark

    The drivers side windshield upper corner, is that rust, interior damage, water damage?

  2. Vetteman427

    Are all the gauges functional, fibre optics, windshield wipers, head lights, turn signals, spare tire in place and usable. Last time serviced and by whom. What caused damage to t-top on drivers side (shown in photos).

    • 427Auctions

      Thank you for your interest. We are verifying with the seller that everything is still in working order as when listed. We will post the response as soon as the seller gets back to us.

    • 427Auctions

      All gauges are functional and are lighted, windshield wipers, head lights, turn signals, spare tire are all functional. The damage to the driver upper ttop area looks like the vinyl just dried out and cracked exposing the foam.

  3. tsf123

    Is the car still available ? Can I set up a facetime with the seller?

    • 427Auctions

      Thanks for your interest. Please check your email.

  4. 427Auctions

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks for your interest.

  5. sgusa1

    Does a date code appear on the driver’s outside mirror? If so, what is it? Thank you

    • 427Auctions

      Please see attached photos for date code

  6. 427Auctions

    The seller has reduced the reserve!

  7. 427Auctions

    Undercarriage photos and additional paint photos have been added to the gallery

  8. maverickster

    Is the 22,169 mileage actual miles? I can’t see anything in the auction that defines actual mileage.

    • 427Auctions

      Great question, we reached out to the seller and they believe that the 22,169 is actual. They verified the milage from the Bloomington Judging form and in 2014 when it was judged the milage was 21,093. We appreciate your interest. Facetime video with seller is an option for a closer look.

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